Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Article Bias Assignment

In the article "Why Should We Not Have The Death Penalty" by author Unknown it explains the good and the bad of haven't the death penalty. The author later argues the death penalty should not be eliminated from the justice system. During the article he demonstrates many different forms of bias throughout the article. I chose Observation Selection bias and Stereotyping as two strongly enforced bias shown in this article. There are many other examples of bias but these are most commonly used in the article.
   Observation selection bias is one example he uses in the article. This is the effect of suddenly noticing things that were not noticed previously and as a result wrongly assuming that the frequency has increased. He uses this went describing innocent people who have been sentenced to death. He supports the death penalty because so many cruel, guilty people have been put have been put to death by it. He also noticed that the number of innocent people being put to death has increased after doing research. This is an example of Observation selection bias, that number did not increase innocent people have been killed for as long a history goes back. He just never realized that after seeing how large those numbers really are.
Stereotyping is another form of bias used in the article. The author concludes the article with examples of people being put to death because of their race. He says in a white jury or mostly white jury a man of different race will more likely be put to death then a white man. I believe this is an example of stereotyping because I do not think that is true in all cases these days. Racism is not as big a problem as it was further back in history. I think most people have the right idea about racism and I does not impact the justice system as much a described in the article. Therefore, stereotyping is a bias used in this article to support the authors argument.
In the article "Why Should We Not Have The Death Penalty" the good and bad result of the death penalty are portrayed. We also saw a variety of example of different bias shown in the article supporting the author point of view. Observation selection bias and Stereotyping are just a few demonstrated in the article.

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